Module typenum::int

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Type-level signed integers.

Type operators implemented:

From core::ops: Add, Sub, Mul, Div, and Rem. From typenum: Same, Cmp, and Pow.

Rather than directly using the structs defined in this module, it is recommended that you import and use the relevant aliases from the consts module.

Note that operators that work on the underlying structure of the number are intentionally not implemented. This is because this implementation of signed integers does not use twos-complement, and implementing them would require making arbitrary choices, causing the results of such operators to be difficult to reason about.


use std::ops::{Add, Div, Mul, Rem, Sub};
use typenum::{Integer, N3, P2};

assert_eq!(<N3 as Add<P2>>::Output::to_i32(), -1);
assert_eq!(<N3 as Sub<P2>>::Output::to_i32(), -5);
assert_eq!(<N3 as Mul<P2>>::Output::to_i32(), -6);
assert_eq!(<N3 as Div<P2>>::Output::to_i32(), -1);
assert_eq!(<N3 as Rem<P2>>::Output::to_i32(), -1);


  • pub use crate::marker_traits::Integer;


  • Type-level signed integers with negative sign.
  • Type-level signed integers with positive sign.
  • The type-level signed integer 0.